Power Crazy?

I think what I need to do most right now is take control of this story. This is my playground -my kingdom! This isn’t Twilight where I had some interesting dream and now I have these psychotic love stuck characters running the game.

Nope. Nu-uh. 

I think I have all the ideas down. I know how to tell a story. I’ve been doing this since birth (not really that would be awkward.) My problem is that I’m nervous, and uncertain, and that’s over. I control this story. No more asking myself - well how would Spencer respond to this situation? You want to know how she would respond? Well seeing as her home was destroyed, her best friend is dead, and she’s stranded with said best friend’s family with no idea how to find her boyfriend who may or may not be the only salvation of their race…. well I think she would become a lesbian and seduce Annie late at night with tales of how lonely it was in the villa. Why? Because I said so. Ha! Suck on that predetermined narrative!

Alright, so I’m not really going to do that. But the point is, I can.